Netzero called,28 29, after I already canceled since they stole 61.00 from my account. The 84 gaget never worked. When I called text support. They laughes, and wanted more money.To turn on the device which never worked. They wanted more money. I told them they can take the 61 they took to use it toward the 84 I already spent. I didn’t get my gadget until a week later. Not in 3 days! Netzero got cussed out every time they call trying to stealing from me. The billing department only offer to give me data not my full refund. I never got a chance to use the gadget. Netzero turned off the service. So when I did call the first time tech support were truly unprofessional!! They laughted at me begging for more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called back the same day, and demanded my money back!!!!!!!! They had to nerve to call me 3 times. Begging for money they already stole an extra 61.00!On top of a gadget that kept cutting on and off!!! For 81.00 plus the 61.00 after I haven’t see the gadget for a whole 8 days! Cause I had to wait to get the mail box key to open the door, on a Saturday. Which almost made it two weeks. I needed to know why it wasn’t turned on after two minutes of trying just to figure out why after spending 81.00 this broken gadget was turning off and on. I called teck support 3 times!!! Since I never got a tracking number. They just are unprofessional theives. Netzero needs to be investigated and shut down.…. I demand I want my money back in full. I still have the broken gadget!!!!. Stay away

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