Neutratone Skincare, LLC. Review


Ordered a free sample of the skin care product and paid for shipping. When the product was received, there is no paperwork included describing terms, contact info, or anything for returning the product. Used it and decided wasn’t going to reorder. | Received a new shipment in the mail with approx $100 charge to my credit card. Immediately looked up on the internet for customer service nos. to contact. Emailed to customer service that I didn’t want the product, was unopened and wanted to immediately return. She emailed me on 6/6/17 the return address Neutratone – returns, 10701 Abercorn St., Unit 61553 in Savannah, GA. I sent insured with receipt requested. It was received by them on June 9, 2017. | I watched for the credit on my card and when not applied, called customer service no. and spoke to Dorothy and her supervisor on 7/17/2017. They said my return wasn’t authorized and I told them I had received that from Samantha. They said they were correcting that in the system and would receive the credit. | On August 7, 2017 another call was placed to check on and this time the customer service rep immediately cut me off and got his supervisor. He was adament that this is not their procedure and I was out of luck when I told him what had transpired. I again reiterated that three of their customer service reps had assisted me in resolving receiving the credit for the returned product. He threw back everything I said in my face and was the worst rep of any business dealings I have ever experienced. | I have written letters to the Savannah, GA address and Uniondale, NY address to try and resolve and have not received back a response. | I would appreciate any assistance or direction you could give me to resolve my dilema.


  • Name: Neutratone Skincare, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Uniondale
  • Address: 626 RXR Plaza 6th Floor
  • Phone: 1-866-932-4036
  • Website:

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