Nevera Daughtry Houston Texas Review


Nevera Daughtry TDL #.11561544 This person approached me to rent a house I was trying to sell. I offered a six month lease. She insisted on a full one year lease and a discount off the rent for the longer term. She signed a lease that included specific requirements for payment on time, penalties for late payment, etc. Half way through the lease she started paying late and then partial payments. I sentseveral letters requesting she get up to date on rent. Then on August 27 she announced she couldn’t afford it and was moving out. She moved out over Labor Day weenend, getting out of the house on September 6. She left owing rent for July, August and September. She left several items with minor damage and piles of trash and discarded furniture that she dumped at the street edge and across the street on neighboring property in violation of city ordinances. I now have to pay to have the trash removed or be fined by the city. This person is irresponsible, does not live up to her promises and legal agreements. Anyone stupid enough and willing to rent to her will regret it.

Fortune Street Houston, Texas United States of America


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