New York City Police Department – 19th Precinct Review


I have brought audio, video and emails to the NYPD 19th Precinct and they have refused to create a report for me on numerous occasions. I have been dealing with some serious bullying from a group who I have know for years. They have been paying people to harass me non stop. | Does this have anything to do with the police no providing police reports for me? I don’t know. I didn’t see any money exchange hands with my own eyes from civilians to the police. I would say the police are acting a little strange when it comes to me. Maybe it’s a coincidence. | For example, I have a video with a man chasing me down the street yelling and screaming. I asked to press charges and they said no. There have been about eight instances when I asked for police reports during the last two years. | One of the more serious ones was a few weeks ago. I took a nap around 5PM in the afternoon till about 8PM at night. | When I woke up I realizes someone had been inside my apartment. This I know for a fact. The next day I noticed a huge bump on my left hand and a red mark on it like I’d been injected in the hand. I went to the hospital and they said that a puncture could cause that type of reaction. | I tried to report this instance as well and couldn’t get any help. I spoke with internal affairs and they wouldn’t help. I spoke with the civilian complaint review board (CCRB) and they couldn’t help. | I grew up Reform Jewish in Woodmere, NY. To be honest I feel like a Jewish person during the Holocaust except it’s 2016 in New York City. This isn’t the New York City I remember. I’m creating videos on YouTube begging the public for help with my situation and can not get any. I’ve emailed hundreds of people asking for help. I’m being harassed non stop by civilians and private detectives. The NYPD 19th Precinct won’t take a report no matter what happens. It’s not a good situation. | To make matters worse people sabotaged my entire digital marketing business. They shut down all my clients both in New York as well as at least four or five other states. I know how I was shut down in New York because my oppressors had me followed around non stop. I have no clue how they figured out my clients in other states. I suspect even though I’m 39 years old and have no criminal record some type of investigation may have been launched into me to get my clients info. | Sound like a stretch? I was injected in the face and hand. At this point anything is possible. | I don’t understand how this is going on in broad daylight in Manhattan. I contacted Ben Kallos my city council member and several others. No word back yet. If anyone has ideas please let me know.


  • Name: New York City Police Department – 19th Precinct
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 153 E 67th St
  • Phone: 212-452-0600
  • Website:

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