New York Community Bancorp [NYCB] Complaint


as a new york community bank customer and being that it owns amtrust bank i went into the glades road office to inquire about refinancing my condo to get a lower interest rate . i have an 801 credit score . they had a salesman from wcs lending call me, i was thinking i was dealing with amtrust. after 3 months and over $600.00 dollars later i was refused the 4% loan that was promised to me by wcs lending, they were using u.s bank somewhere out west . they said my condo management was to risky but in the 6 months after my application 24 apartments were sold and most of them financed by banks in my condo developement . i just feel how risky could it be . i think amtrust bank and wcs lending are both scammers and that i got ripped off by them for over $600.00

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