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Nex-Tech and its founder Dr Majeed rip off military veterans. Three years ago I was in Iraq with the US Army and most recently in Afghanistan. When I got back I decided to start my own medical practice. It had been a dream of mine for many years and through the years I saved money from deployments and combat pay. I decided on Nex Tech after a lot of research. At the time I signed the contract I told the sales person that I am still in the military and there was a possibility I would have to abort the project if I was deployed. The sales persona said “no problem’ and seemed like he understood the situation. He even said he spoke with his boss and Dr. Majeed who were all in concurrence. We had a few phone calls and I decided to go forward with Nex Tech. Then I found out I was deploying to Afghanistan. At this point no work had been done for implementation and my only contact were sales staff. I sent numerous email and not one was returned. When I was looking to purchase I received email responses almost immediately. Nex Tech took more than $5000 of my money and just disappeared. I suspect if I called them and told them I would like to spend another $70K to complete the project they would call me back right away. But in this case they said they understood my unique situation then turned a blinds eye when I went to Afghanistan. I came back from the war and Nex Tech spit on me. This is not a company I recommend anyone do business with. The company and the founder do not support military, veteran or anyone else except the all mighty dollar. .

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