Nexus IT Pros Review


(754) 444-6349 DAN Computer Repair Craigslist scammer | call and ask too remove computer virus. claim he can remote into the computer and fix for $45. After i let Dan into my computer, all of a sudden my computer not only has virus but now wont turn on. | I ask Dan too fix it he now says it going to be more money. So i went and brought my computer too Bestbuy. They said Dan wipe my computer and i lost all my important business and personal information. I paid more money but alease i got my computer working.


  • Name: Nexus IT Pros
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Deerfield Beach
  • Address: 1475 SW 1st Way Ste 2
  • Phone: (706) 510-6101
  • Website:

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