NH Krystal Cancun somewhere California Review


On July 2008 we went to visit Cancun Mexico. Soon we arrived at the airport we got approached by people working for NH Krystal Vacation Resort pleasing us to go to the resort for a special presentation takes about 90min. They offered us free transportation back to the airport, what is never happened, free breakfast, and some free tours. We take the offer. nOn July 15th 2008 we went to the presentation we got our free breakfast then we were then led to the second floor. We sit down with Steve Levi sales manager. He asked us if we have timeshare. We told him yes we have, and we are not interested to buy another one. Mr. Levy told us this is NOT A TIME SHARE what they offer us is a very good investment deal and a free membership to a company called ICE and to the New Krystal Vacation Resort what they building next door. nMr. Levy explained to us, this investment will give us a nice rate of return within 5 years. We can make a lot of money out of this, because is close to Downtown, to all the night club’s and to the Convention Center. He told us is very easy to rent out, for almost $1700 a week.nMr. Levy told us around Jan 2009 we will be receiving the 1st check around January 2009 and the money will keep coming for the next 5 years. He told us the retune will be around $72,000.00, but can go much higher the amount. Mr. Levy said they do not going to cut a check larger than 10,000 because of tax reason. We do not have to do anything because they will take care of the rentals for us. nMr. Levy called Don Mayor from Vacation Strategies who lives in Orlando Florida, to talk to us because he will be taking care of the rentals. He wanted to us to hear verbally his promise. It was too good to be true how much money we can make from this investment. We agreed because we thought it could be a good way to make money and enjoy vacations. nNow, I know and see many people was mislead at the same time. The suggestion of using rentals weeks to reclaim our investment during the sales presentation was fraudulent deceitful and misleading. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK OR GO CLOSE TO NH KRYSTAL. nErika a.nsomewhere, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Paseo Kulkukan Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico


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