Nice Pebbles Rentals Review


DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THEM. I have had a very unfortunate experience with Nice Pebbles that ultimately required me to engage in very testy, uncomfortable emails with one of their owners and required me to seek redress from my credit card. These people are not worthy of your patronage and I can only imagine what types of headaches that could cause if you were not satisfied with your accomodations. Here’s what happeted. We found Nice Pebbles through using our Lonely Planet book and then looked on their website and saw one place in particular that was right in the area that we wanted to stay. My girlfriend sent Nice Pebbles an email asking if that particular property would be available on | three specific days in late July. The next morning, my girlfriend received an email stating that the property was not available for those days, and that a couple others were available. As we were not interested in any of those properties, we decided to move on and book a hotel in Nice through another company. Much to my surprise, I checked my credit card the following week and noticed a charge of $856. Apprently, as we learned later, the owner of Nice Pebbles was confused that we were booking the room on my credit card, but putting my girlfriend’s name down as the main contact. My girlfriend called Nice Pebbles and received a telephone call back from one of their owners. As my girlfriend wasn’t home, | and person left a voicemail. In her voicemail, she stated that “most people are intelligent enough to realize that this was a mistake” and that we should have known that the apartment wasavailable. How were were to know this, I don’t know. But, that’s besides the point — they are in the business of running their properties and making sure they are booked correctly, not me. What makes this worse, however, is that my girlfriend then decided to email the owner asking that she refund the money because we took her email to mean what it said, that the apartment was not available, and we then went ahead to book another hotel which costs about $1000 for three nights. The owner then responded that under no | circumstances would she refund our money. Even though I responded and explained to her that we received an email from her telling us the room was booked, and we relied on that email to book another hotel, she still refused to give us our money back! And, what’s more, this was a few weeks before were traveling to Nice, and she had more than enough time to rent the apartment to someone else (it was July in Nice, a time when many tourists visit)! In the end, my credit card refunded all of my money. But, not before this woman left a miserable voicemail with my girlfriend, proceeded to engage in a snotty email exchange with me and her, and despite us having an email from her telling us the room was | booked. It was an insane process, and not one that was relaxing at all (something which travel should always be). I wanted my trip to Nice to be perfect, and this woman made it difficult. I want you all to know that you should proceed with caution when using this company — they have proved to me that, despite what Lonely Planet said about them, they are very rude people who will do anything to take your money, even if it involves creating a warped view of reality.


  • Name: Nice Pebbles Rentals
  • Country: France
  • State:
  • City: Nice
  • Address: 20 Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes
  • Phone: 33 4 97 20 27 30
  • Website:

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