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Complaint: Posted a dirt bike on criag’s list for sale. Received an inquiry from Nick Morton, provided below. Telling me that he would pay asking price plus $100 for the bike. When i received the check it was for $1950 more than the asking price. I was to wire $1795 of this to a shipping agent located in NC (Receiver Name: Deb Lefler, Address: 7430 Baltusrol Ln, City: Charlotte State: NC, Zip Code: 28210) plus $155 for the wire fee. I deposited the check and then got to thinking that it was strange that they would have me pay the shipper and to set up the pick up and not do that themselves. I decided to wait a few days to be sure that the check cleared the bank it was drawn on. I checked my bank account today and the check was returned for insufficent funds, good thing I didnt spend any of the money or I would be paying my bank back money that I dont have. I also got charged a $5 return check fee and it wasnt even my check that was returned. This is the email that I received from Nick: Thanks for getting back to me, Hope the item is in good condition like you stated in the advert because I’ve taken a close look at the advert and am completely satisfied, is there any pictures?. I’ll want you to remove the advert from Craigslist and consider it sold to me, I’ll be paying via Certified check and the check will be delivered to you by next day air delivery. I also want to be the best offer by offering you extra $100 to your selling price as the best offer and i hope youwill keep this item for me. Get back with the below paymentinformation:1. First and Last Name2. Mailing Address & apt # (NOT P.O BOX)3. City, State and Zip Code4. Home Phone/Cell Number5. Last asking priceNOTE: I want you to be aware that you won’t be responsible for shipping as i will have my shipping agent to come over and pick it up as soon as you received the check and clears in your bank account. I also have some other goods i already bought in other locations which my shipper will pick up all together. i will get back to you with the tracking number once i made the payment out to you.need your quickresponse.Regards. I also had the same type of inquiry from a person named Ruiz Ricardo ([email protected]) The check that I received from Nick came from: Tracy Brody Canyon State Oil Co, Inc 4581 Eaker ST North Las Vegas, NV 89081 I checked online and this is a company that is based in Arizona and has a branch in Las Vegas.

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Address: 4581 Eaker St North Las Vegas, Nevada USA



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