Nickelodeon Complaint


Cartoonnetwork has got terrible shows now.One of them has innopropriate things on(TDI AND TDA).Most of the shows suck.they took away the good shows.there broadcasting destruction and things people dont care about.Some of them aren”t even cartoons.Some dont even make sense.Nick has the same problems but at least cartoonnetwork kept some good shows and showed them sometimes.Nick just had no more ideas and neither cartoonnetwork.Fosters stinks.Its like a homeless sheltor for weirdos.Destroy build destroy id retarted.SHS is stupid.Almost every show they have on the cartoonnetwork channel sucks same with adult swim.Nick actualy has good shows on [protected]@night.Like MIM, everybody hates chris, and George opez.At least nick got rid of its bad shows.Like el tigre, mighty bee, and more.The stars on there suck.KCA is a pick the stupidest people.they only care for the movies not the acting.Its like if they watch a peble then they think its an intresting peble when it sucks!

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