Nicole Baltuch – Hollywood, Florida Florida


This stupid Lowlife whore has harassed me FOR MONTHS and this isn’t the first time, Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years, basically fucking married we lived together for 4 years. So about 2 years ago this stupid SLUT massively started spamming me via text message and intagram about how she fucked my boyfriend at my house while I was at work and they fucked on my side of the bed.. at first my boyfriend denied it. Mind you for like 5 months she texted me from 7am till like 11 pm sometimes 12 am about how they fucked… he finally came clean about everything.. obviously I dealt with him.. he apologized and cried etc.. now about a year or more after that me and my boyfriend had our own house.. literally living like a married couple .. I even got pregnant . But I’m 22 so chose not to keep it. She even made memes about me and my weight gain making fun of me Then she started messaging him via Facebook looking for Xanax and any other drugs she would could get her hands on (obviously she’s a sad crack head ) and they started communicating… me and my boyfriend ran into some problems.. there was a lot going on in our life’s and we were both pretty stressed.. she took advantage of the situation so we ended up breaking up due to personal issues.. she literally didn’t even wait till I moved out to try to come over his house.. mind you WHILE we were dating I found out she was there once I left work to catch her and beat her ass… but someone told her I was coming so she left before I got home. after we officially broke up he was still sleeping with me.. while talking to her.. of course she didn’t believe me when I showed her the proof lmao literally the same day I left his house I slept with him, he was apologizing for everything and crying like a fucking baby.. he would sleep with me 3 times a week while we broke up pick me up and take me to a hotel and pay for it just to be with me and tell her he was “staying at work late ” LOL now I’m obviously aware that he is a piece of shit liar and dog …. NOT to be trusted but I do love him I dated him for 5 years and almost had kids with this man and we still love eachother very much. We recently got back together he tried to make it clear too her that he wasn’t interested in her he even publicly humiliated her on her sucking dick for Xanax and she still continues to harasses me.. This whore Started messaging me after we got back together literally like every single day from 7AM all fucking day! Messaging me my mugshot (I got arrested for battery) like i give two fucks that I got arrested… lol I’d do it again if it means beating her ass. NOW she even had the audacity to make fun of me cause I have a dead brother… I kid you not she stil messages me talking shit too me like the physco sad Bitch that she is.. She’s 26 works a fuckjng movie theater as a janitor. Not even full time.. has a car her mother gave her and takes like 10 Xanax a day many people have told me about her Xanax problems lol she’s a huge addict Also lives with her mommy and her daddy gives her money whenever she needs it she also fucked my boyfriend’s best friend he’s a huge black guy and denies it now after because she’s so fucking ashamed she doesn’t realize all she’s good for is meaningless sex that’s all she’ll ever find. she has no respect for herself or anybody else for that matter normally I know I should be the bigger person and let shit go but because of the fact that she has harassed me for literally more than a year I’ve had enough, shes psychopath.. she’s clearly a sad jealous bitch. I’ve even heard stories about her falling asleep on her food because she’s so fucking barred out.. she can’t ever find a man of her own so she looks for guys who are already taken and tries to take them for herself until they realize that she’s just a trashy broke bitch on top of everything she’s a homey hopper then she wonders why she can’t find a boyfriend.. she pops so many bars she doesn’t even remember how she got home and then tell people it’s because of her “anxiety” lmaooo her and my boyfriend never even officially dated but still literally hasn’t left me alone I am beginning to think she has some kind of mental disability.. she even got engaged with her ex boyfriend and he left her for another women ( guess he realized how much of a sad human is she LOL ) then his new girlfriend started harassing her and making fun of her (obv she was trying to play offense with me ) probably cause she’s crazy and wouldn’t leave her ex boyfriend alone she got a restraining order on her ex fiancé new girlfriend. I hope she gets what she deserves.. karma is bitch she’s fucking obsessed with me & my life if u would like your dick sucked for some Xanax she’ll gladly do it who knows you might get lucky and she’ll do it for free (786) 578-6682

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