Nicole Boles Paige – La Porte, California California


I met Nicole Bole back in 2009 when she was marrying a friend of mine 17 years her senior. I voweled to protect her and look after her. In 2013 I became pregnant with my 5th child with my Husband… She was separating and divorcing her husband Chris because he could not deal with her endless cheating regardless if they had child together or not. She stayed with me and my husband for a while (he could not stand her.. her messes, her size 11-12 shoes… even said her kid was ugly… which I returned fire and said he is beautiful (I loved that kid and still do) I become pregnant again in 2013 a job opening in my husband’s office became available I applied but being his wife was told no… so I thought this girl and her son deserves more than surviving off a hooter whore income she knew nothing of being a secretary/time clerk but in promised the she would learn 20 a hour is way better than being S hooters hoe…. I begged my husband to hire her and he said fine… soon after she and him had begun their texting affair…. she planned my gender reveal, my baby shower, annnd was present during my delivery of my daughter… she held my leg for frike sake… Me I had no clue… I trusted her I loved her I would have protected her no matter what she did in life! She knew mine and my husband’s past she knew I had a friend that held my damn leg during my 3rd child’s birth that screwed me over with my husband and vowel she would never ever do that to anyone… well she did 10 times worse! She carried one a relationship with my husband from 2013 till December 2016 when I was about to deliver my 5th child with my husband!! I had delivered my 5 th child January 1, 2016 he had bilirubin issues and I had to take him to a extended stay at a local hospital… my husband met me there and then left but left his truck with my my friend stayed with my son for a about 30mins so I could take a break I go to the truck his truck that he left and in the passenger seat is a lap top I have never seen … I open in it pop in a couple known pass words and boom I’m in …. I do a random look around and I find her naked photos… amongst other women’s sadly… she got her boobs done after her one child (horrible east and west pointing nipples and a uni~boob to boot) I would have requested a redo from her surgeon! Sad truly sad to even look at why some one would send those out proudly I delusional!.. I find these and confront her he Denys of course …I love you i would never do that.. trust me blah blah blah … I sent them to her mom and her fiancÚ that she was screwing at the same time as my husband… she called me from work on day asking ME. About her HPV positive test from her gyno! I’m like it caused by no practicing safe sex with multiple partners! She denied sending the numerous naked photos or the rest I recovered (when they thought they we deleted ) I replied repeatedly then how does he have them I have dates… times… chat numbers . and Ip numbers you send them period. Sad when the proof is there my husband admitted it and you have a hoe the if she says the sky is purple then it’s purple. Well I’m the bitch that says when your a gaping slut well then you are a gaping slut! You did it and if you would have been a real woman and owned you shit you might not have gotten blasted on Facebook…

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