Nicole Carrasco – Lawrence, Massachusetts Massachusetts


She bought me with her false hopes that she would be an exceptional home health aid to work for me, she never helped me when I needed her at such a low point of my life; instead she took it upon herself to use blackmail to falsely accuse me of being neglectful in front of the hospital staff like the visiting nurse who saw my less than ideal appearance and a crying baby after I gave birth to her in a not so well kept house when this woman knew I sought after her help. With no answer to my phone calls to her. She knew it would go back to a judgemental pediatrian and soon after the department of children’s and families stepped in on my case. She went out of her way to cheat on me with my babies father, knowing that our relationship was on the rocks. I suspected it all along when he left his laundry bag with small female panties as his prized souvenir. (Of course he would not admit to these accusations and Nicole acts dumb on her end). I tried to get her on a talk show; only to be looked down on as CRAZY and getting confronted by her mother when she should have approached me first. All without a single apology coming out of her lips. That trifling b*tch is my niece. You’ve been warned!

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