Nicole Johnson-Smith – Larwill, Indiana Indiana


I have been with My Husband for 10 years, we had our ups and downs like any relationship. My husband worked construction building houses on the lake, when he met Nicole’s husband. He worked on their house for about a year, never knowing that my husband and his wife were having an affair. She claims to be such a Christian and be the right type of lady, but what kind of lady sleeps with someone else’s man. She not only destroyed my life but her children’s also, I feel sorry for her. By no means is my husband in the right for this and he still deals with it after all these years. The way I found out was she decided to put a note on my car, telling me about the affair since my husband had cut all ties with her. Her husband had found text messages on her phone between the two of them, well needless to say I did not find out until after two months when the affair was over. The thought of this woman disgusts me, she’s a week, sorry excuse for a woman, insecure, lying, deceiver.

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