Nicole Marie Stewart-Goonen – Lafayette, Georgia Georgia


Imagine: a 30 something yr. old woman who regularly beats her husband. Imagine: a mother of 2 who chooses to stay out with “friends” instead of go home to her family. Imagine: a woman who takes her 3yr old out in the middle of the night, IN the middle of a snow storm, with no shoes, no car. Imagine: a mother who constantly physically and verbally abuses her 14 yr old son. Imagine: a woman who is cheating on her husband with co-workers and “friends” but gaslights anyone who challenges her. Imagine: a woman who has let herself almost become 200 lbs and has a full set of false teeth but has the nerve to treat her husband like crap. This is the deranged world of Nicole Marie Stewart-Goonen. She has been trying to screw my husband, who is an EMT, for months. Her husband found out first but she still keeps trying to contact him. Her coworker said she thinks she has slept with patients at the rehab center that she works at. Child protective services needs to take her kids. How could someone be so evil to the core.

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