Nicole Meade – Cumberland, Maryland Maryland


This woman loves drama anyway shaped or formed. She once threatened to “kick my ass” because the father of my 3 kids wanted to come back to me. He’s in the military and was in Puerto Rico he came back and we were happy for about a week then he left me and not even 2 days later he’s in a relationship with her. I don’t know what the hell happened or why it ended but since then I’ve found out I was pregnant with our fourth child and they’re denying it’s his. He has messaged me about how my kids will call her mommy when he gets custody of them. She messaged me yesterday and told me that he didn’t want the kids for the weekend because they had plans and then went on to say that if they have to cut the kids off for me to be out of their lives then they will. She is by far the most evil person I know and I just can’t wait until karma gets her.

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