Nicole Michelle Maternity Port-of-Spain Other Review


This all happened on Friday 6th April, 2007.nI called for assistance with an exchange after spending close to $1200.00 with Nicole Michelle Maternity clothing line. The sales representative, Angie, who’s full attention I obviously did not have, kept putting me on hold every minute or every few seconds. About the 3rd time after putting me on hold, I politely asked her why she kept putting me on hold, and I told her that I felt abandoned…she snapped and said that she was not abandoning me, and as she continued to viciously speak, I told her that “I felt as if I was being abandoned””. She then started to yell and scream at me ..””YOU DO NOT INTERUPT ME WHILE I AM SPEAKING TO YOU!”” …as if I were 4 years old…she was so full of disrespect and it was something I have never experienced before. nI was heated up at that point and asked her just who she thought she was speaking to

and then the next thing I knew…she hung up on me. I called back a few moments later

to speak with the manager or supervisor and here is where it continues….Jessica the supervisor

was in office but in a meeting…I was told

as she was out of the meeing

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