Nicole Thompson – Middlesboro, Kentucky Kentucky


Nicole Thompson AKA Rachel! She is nothing but a heartless girl. She throws herself at married men and expects them to stay with her, she uses them for a ride to work etc because she doesn’t have her own vehicle. She makes them feel sorry for her and uses her being a shift leader at pizza hut over them. All the employees at pizza hut have been with her and share each other with everyone in the building. She don’t care how old they are, young or old, if it benefits her she will pursue them. She has hurt a few marriages and thrives on hurting families. She has no remorse for making issues in a family and if the men have children she will try to becomes friends with them and want to play house. Her last married man she taught his kids in karate, which isn’t the first time she threw herself at her students fathers while working at the karate place in the mall. She has no morals and does not need to be working with the public, espically children. She drinks all the time and her and her roommates are nothing but nasty druggies. One day she will learn to not mess with married men and she will hurt 100 times worse than what she has done to innocent children and families. She is nothing but a pos easy sleazy waitress!

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