Nikki Elkins Pendley – Asheville, North Carolina North Carolina


This woman Nikki Elkins Pendley and my husband started conversing via late night and frequent texts. Taking about what problems we may have in our marriage and then it turned to flirting. I’ve asked her to stop personally numerous times via messaging only to be ignored. My husband has blocked her in his cellphone and yet she continues to message him via work instant messenger. Taking about what new clothes she’s purchased and what dates she has lined up like she’s trying to make him jealous. She talks about anything and everything Not work related. I’m not saying my spouse is innocent, because he is far from innocent. I’m dealing with him. However, this little ray of HOMEWRECKING sunshine should have some consequences for her poor choices as well. She’s not only tearing up 17 + years of marriage, but she’s also ruining the life of my two children as well who are teenagers and are well aware of what’s going on. No self respecting women messes with a man who is married or in a serious and or committed relationship. Find another man who isn’t married, Nikki! Leave my family and my husband alone.

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