Nikki Rardin – McAlester, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This treacherous female was having sex with my husband and then got him back into the drug game again. I was 8 months pregnant and going thru postpartum depression from my 1 year old son. This girl had no morals or any respect. Her husband is in prison and her kids got taken away from her. She don’t care if the men are married or in relationships she is making her way thru town. Do not let your children around this girl. She smoked Marijuana in the same room as my 1 year old son and got him contact high. If you get to see this Nicole then maybe you will get some morals and self respect for yourself but it’s going to take some growing up. So lay off the drugs and married men and grow the f*** up and be a mother to your kids. Get a job. You look so trashy going from one oilfield worker to another. I will pray for you and hopefully God brings u in my path as a different person!

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