Nikkole Bettinger – Toledo, Ohio Ohio


Nikkole repeatedly slept with a married man with a 2 year old child at home, even though she knew he was married. Yes, they had been talking about a divorce but only for a month and nothing was official and she KNEW that. This man and his wife were going through a slight rough patch because the husband had just come back from being deployed for a YEAR and they were having a little trouble readjusting. Any person with somewhat of a moral compass or any kind of decency would tell him to get lost. Apparently not this woman, she didn’t give two shits who she was hurting. A wife and a two year old child. Now this man, of course, is trying to make things work with his wife and they have to live with the hurt she caused by her and this mans selfish decisions/actions. Hopefully karma comes back to bite her in the ass. HOMEWRECKER!

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