Nina Hengstler – Wapakoneta, Ohio Ohio


This female was a cheap lay for my husband years ago. She never meant anything to him, just one of those any-port-in-a-storm type of girls. That was before we were married. Fast-forward 10 years, and here she is. She has an affair with my husband. He’s also at fault and he is paying dearly for what he has caused. She sends him nude photos of every orifice of her body. Her face is included in the pics. Dumb whore. I still have them. Well, anybody who wants them can really have them if they dig deep enough. This slut completely disgusts me. Her fat ass and snuggle tooth is quite laughable. She works at Speedway. That’s right everyone, my husband chose an uneducated gas station whore. That’s where they met up. Speedway in Anna, Ohio. Any males looking for an easy girl, you can find her there. She’s made fake Facebook profiles to play stupid games and contact me and my husband just to keep her memory fresh I suppose. Her friends have contacted me through Facebook. Desperate little whore. Maybe she will stop now that I’ve taken this step. The pain infidelity causes in astronomical. My insides are crushed by all of this. So many nights I wondered what was so wrong with me when it was just a cum dumpster of a human being diverting my weak husbands mind. What kind of woman does this???? I’m taking care of kids and dealing with so much other stuff and she’s talking to my husband about meeting him in a hotel. Talking about how she’s going to get naked and put her pussy on his lips. Their talk was disgusting. She’s sick. The whole time, she has a husband AND a boyfriend that she’s living with. How does someone even get wired that way? She talks about she’s the bad guy and my husband looks like a saint. Bullshit! You, Nina, are the bad guy however my husband does not look like a saint in all of this. My daughter is the one that found out about their affair. My daughter had to come and tell me that. Check out the little photo she chose as a Facebook profile pic. Seems like she’s proud of what she’s done. Sick, all the way around. Hope it was worth it all, whore.

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