NMG c/o JVC Concord North Carolina Review


Ordered a Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Knife for only $3 shipping. (Offer was listed on an Online Survey site where you can supposedly make money taking Surveys) Knife arrived with no paperwork whatsoever! No company address, except for the shipper information on the label. No email, website, phone, nothing for Cooking Pleasures. No account number to identify me, and no way to cancel any future shipments. nToday, when I went to find out why my check for my Electric Bill bounced, I found out that NMG *CK PLEASURE KNIFE had charged $88.94 to my Debit Card! I have not even received a notification of a shipment, not another knife, nor any way to contact company to get a refund. nI am disabled and on a fixed income. I can not afford any luxury expenditures … I desperately need that money back so I can pay my Electric bill. I am on Oxygen 24/7 and require electricity to run my Oxygen Concentrator. This is literally a matter of life and death for me.

2750 Barrett Lakes Blvd Bldg # Kennesaw, Georgia United States of America



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