No 1 Home Roofing largo Florida Review


This company is a complete scam and will never fix there problems.On Friday April 2 2012 I hired No 1 home roofing to put a new tile roof on my house. My wife and I went to there store and looked at tile and picked out a color for our house with there salesman. we made the down payment and a few weeks later they came to our house to do the install. I was out of town when the crew showed up and started to install the new tile. My wife went outside to check on the roof and noticed they were putting on three different colored tiles. She told the workers to stop putting tiles on the house because they were not he ones we ordered. They didn’t understand English at all and left our house. My wife called the store and told them it was the wrong color and not to continue work until they got it figured out. The next day my wife came home and the roof was finished and they used all the same colors to finish it. My wife called Buster and told him it was wrong and he said that’s the colors we ordered. She explained to him again that we only picked out one color that there salesman did not tell us there was two other colors that they were going to put on the roof as well. The owner came to our house to talk to my wife and look at the roof he was very rude and told my wife its just a ******* roof deal with it. I came home and called the owner and he was rude to me as well and wanted us to finish paying him. I told him I will finish paying you when I get what I ordered. I was told it was way to expensive to remove and replace certain tiles. They then offered me a discount if I would leave the tiles on the roof and be done. I agreed they left them there and was done with them at this point. Now almost three years later the roof is leaking and I called Buster to get it fixed and was told they were not going to fix it because I didn’t pay the whole amount. So because they screwed up to begin with I now have to waste my time and file a law suite against them.Do not ever hire this company and if you have a problem with them let me know.

35753 Us Highway 19 N palm harbor, Florida USA


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