Our family decided to rent nice house for our short getaway to Miami on April 22 to 26th of 2018. We found house that looked nice on VRBO website. Price for rental 4 nights stay with deposit was 11400.00$ Agent contacted me from Nomade club llc name James K. stating that he is property manager and all booking steps for the house will go through Nomade club llc. He asked me to wire all amount insted using credit card for booking (staiting that he had some isues in the past with renters canceling transactions after stay) no makes sence why.We arrived with our small 3 children on the day of the stay around 9pm in the evening. Manager James K. from Nomade texted to let me know that he is out of town in California but owner of the house name Marcus Aral will be meeting us at the property. When we walked in the house it looked a bit diferent then it was represented in the vrbo website. Marcus fast walked us through the house and left. After he left I walked through the house and foud it to be extremly filthy and with unsafe conditions for our children. One of the beds frame in the bedroom was broken. Floor in the bathrooms was dirty full with hair. Kitchen dishwasher was left with dirty dishes. Loundry room filled with owners personal dirty loundry still left on the counters. We were in shock what we saw. I texted owner and informed about all the issues that we found. He responded that he can send cleaning at 9pm to clean the house and for the bed issue he did not see that as a problem stating that mattres is on the floor and broken frame should not be a problem for my kids. I told him that we will not be staying in filthy house with broken beds its not what we paid for. We made decision to leave due to unsafe and unclean environment to us and our children.We had to rent hotel on the last minute overpaying hotel rates for emergency stay. Because we left the place for unsafe and unclean conditions in it now owner and agency refusing to pay us 11400.00$ back. This Agency and owner Marcus Aral are Big SCAMERS people stay away from them unless you wish to give away your hard worked money for the scamers. I will pursue legal actions on both of them and will make them pay for every singe disaster minute we had to have on our trip. I hope this will be helpful to a lot of people and will protect you from future disaster vacation experiences.


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