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Placed an order on November 19th. My credit card was billed and confirmation received. All items were supposedly in stock. Was told to allow 2-3 weeks for receipt. On November 26th received an e-mail advising that my order was being shipped and supplied a tracking number – although no carrier information (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.). The number was way too long to be FedEx. Time goes by and no package delivered. Contacted them through their only offered option for assistance – online at [email protected]. I asked if the package had been shipped and if so – with what courier service? Was told that due to holiday demands and the dock workers strike in Long Beach, CA that there were delays in delivery and that orders placed prior to 12/10 would be received in time for Christmas. And if not, then they will refund my money. Seriously? I should have done more homework on this company. Not only are their products conterfeit from China but there are numerous reports of them failing to deliver or fulfill orders paid for. I am reporting them to the NY and CA Attorney Generals offices because someone needs to close them down! NOMORERACK.COM is NO DELIVERY!

381 Park Avenue South, N Internet United States of America

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