Nordyne Sugar Land Texas Review


I has a new HVAC installed in April 2014. It has a 10year warranty. It cost $6500 installed. The unit started to fail in July and completly went down in late August. The cause was poor material and the coil on the outside unit was cracked. The AC has been struggling for months ans should have been replaced as described in the warranty certificate. Unfortunately that is not what happenned. First Nordyne handles the warranty for Frigidaire. Only the installer can talk to the distributor or Nordyne. However they needed payment for the warrantied part up front from me the consumer. That’s $795 that may or not be refunded. However I live in Houston at the height of the summer and the part will take 10 bussiness days or up to 2 weeks to arrive. However the distributor had the same HVAC in stock and could have easily done a swap without any problem. I had to pay an additional $850 for a temporary unit while waiting on the part. This is outrageous warranty practices and I will never buy any other product with the name Frigidaire on it. A lesson well learned – do not buy something has sensitive as an HVAC unless the manufacturer is local or the distributor carries parts. In addition the installer gets paid $250 for his entire time, from removing the rental unit, taking apart the broken unit and replace the coil which is a rather lenghty project and reinstall and charge the unit. The consumer has to pay the difference. Outrageous practice. Anything else I would have owned could have been returned and replaced for something that expensive and only a little more than 3 months in operation.

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