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My mother mentioned in passing today that she was receiving a monthly charge for “Norm Thompson Rewards.”” I asked her what it was

but she didn’t know. Thinking that it might be something like‘s Prime Shipping

I looked on the Norm Thompson website

but there was no mention anywhere.I then Googled “”Norm Thompson Rewards”” and under the first couple of results touting the benefits of the program were a myriad of links to scam reports. I read a lot of them and decided to post my own. I’m not the victim. The victim is my 80 year old mother! That makes it worse to me. Taking advantage of the elderly is about as low as a con artist can go.On top of my anger

I feel guilt. I’m the one who encouraged my mom to shop online. I’m the one who told her how easy and time-saving it was. Worst of all

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