Norman Fitoria houston Texas


Complaint: Norman Fitoria was recommended by a trusted person; that was why we did not think we would be taken advantage off. This is a rental property empty that needed a makeover. We contracted Norman Fitoria for an $11,000 original job with 50% up front and 50% upon completion. The job was to take 2 weeks. Norman Fitoria started to take longer by finding areas he felt needed more work. This was shetrock, tile and others. I know believe this was part of a skeem to up his orinigal bid. Norman Fitoria used our empty home for two months as his personal shop to build cabinets. Furthermore Norman Fitoria talked us into laying laminate on stairs that now we have to redo in their entirety. Norman Fitoria made us purchase tile knowing we had spare tiles in the artic. Norman Fitoria and his crew painted all over the light switches, electrical outlets, rails, lamps, door handles, air conditioning vents and lights. Norman Fitoria left casing undone, baseboard undone and most doors without the holes for handles and with closing problems to the point they have to all be repurchased and reinstalled. Norman Fitoria also left the house dirty with debris on areas that were remodeled and now require re-doing. In addition, Norman Fitoria left areas of sheetrock undone and his crew broke a large window. Also, our plant in the back yard in painted “white”” because apparently Norman Fitoria was painting something in the back yard. Our electricity bill has come high and will come high because of Norman Fitoria using our home as your personal wood shop. We politely ask Norman Fitoria not to go to the house as we feared his reaction and asked neighbors to call the police if he attempted to damage our home. We are afraid Norman Fitoria would vandalize our property. I beg you to not contract Norman Fitoria for any work as he lies about needs

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: does not prepare effectively

Website: is careless with his work

Phone: does not manage his time

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