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I received the following letter via email from a Debra at Anderson Law Group It was signed by Sue Williams, Legal Representative, NCS Law Group. I have never been contacted by phone or email from either person, or firm. This is all the information I have. I do not know who the creditor is, how much the original amount was or how much is owed today. It feels like an extortion letter for $500 to me. I do not have a phone number to call, or an address to respond to. Is this a case I should be referring to law enforcement or Attorney General’s Office? I am 64 years old, if that matters. Dear Debtor, Kindly verify your mailing address, as the legal charges are already filed and we are going to send you the court papers, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any important legal documents. Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges. You were supposed to pay $500.00 in order to close the account, we have still not received any response from you. So the company decided to write it as bad-debt and produce charges against you. If you want to avoid the situation you have to come up with $400.00 by today so that we can dismiss the case and mark the account as paid in full. Let us know ASAP. Sue Williams Legal Representative NCS Law Group .

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