Northern Trust greenwich New York


Complaint: I called the claim Agent( James Parker). He told me to deposit the check and then take out $800.00. Then call him and he would give you an address where to send the &800.00. Then you would get the money. I forgot to mention that a check came with the letter. The check was made out to me Susan L for the amount of $985.20. The checks name was Bank Of America Depew, NY.14043. The check number is 015441 The checks date is April 05,2018 Todays date is April 12th 2018 Am so glad I did not do this! Makes me wonder how many people they have scamed!

Tags: Better Business Bureau, Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT, False Advertisement, Questionable Activities, Suspected Fraud, Sweepstakes Fraud, Winning Money

Address: 522 South State Street Chicago, IL. United States


Phone: 1-888440-5714

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