Not handled like they advertise


We spent time researching good quality aviaries for our daughter. Fly Babies promised that we would get a handfed sweet lovebird, it was a bait and switch and we got just the opposite.

The cute lovebird is terrified of being handled. Bites, flies away, and is completely NOT a well socialized pet like we had been told we were getting.

We’ve given it weeks, we have tried everything and finally reached out to the owners to get help from them.

Their response was ”you need to show them

”Fruits of the Spirit”.

As Linda is working with the babies she holds them in a soft cloth and emparts to them love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. She is being these things with the bird.”

They also said there is nothing they will do because the birds are sold ”as is” and they are unwilling to make amends for selling us a baby that never should have been sold as a ”handfed” bird.

I would NEVER recommend fly babies to anyone. They are ripoff artists and I’m sad because at this point we are taking this baby to a rehab sanctuary and looking for a reputable breeder.


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