NRA Group, LLC Review


I’ve been getting numerous calls from different numbers for months. They refused to identify what NRA stood for unless I identify myself first. (I do not do that, especially if I don’t know who the caller is) They are rude, nasty, hang up on me regularly, will not give me ANY information about who they are, sarcastic…. I have called them back & been asked for my identity (Are you-my name-) and told them to cease and desist or my lawyer would handle the matter. Was told “You don’t have any information to GIVE your lawyer” & told “We’ll be calling you again.” then hung up on. I called back again & told them to cease & desist & the operator asked for my phone number- I told her “You already have it on your computer” and she started arguing & telling me she doesn’t have it & I have to give it to her. I admit, I screamed high pitched into the phone & hung up on them. Will be bringing in my Marine airhorn in next. I don’t owe anything, they won’t identify themselves, they have harassed me for MONTHS. I’m also listed on the Do Not Call registry, which they ignore.


  • Name: NRA Group, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Harrisburg
  • Address: 2491 Paxton St
  • Phone: 8003609953
  • Website:

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