NSpire Assets, LLC. Review


This group at NSpire Assets have been repeatedly warned about their association with known criminals. Richard Houghton and Allison Zaner, the crooked owners of Investyment Properties Mexico, have been charged with the largest case of land fraud in the history of the Riviera Maya. | Doug and Nicole have been made aware of their legal status but continue to partner with them Villas las Palmas Tulum is just one of their co-ventures. | Javier Camou Borquez, an attorney who was abducted 2 weeks ago at gunpoint in downtown Playa del Carmen, in the middle of the day, and has not been heard from since, was set to testify against Richard Houghton and Allison Zaner the two clowns that own Investment Properties Mexico, regarding false accusations against his ex-partner who busted him for Fraud, He was abducted less than 24 hours after Tricky Ricky Houghton found out that he was to testify and thus Houghton’s ship sunk. | Richard Houghton is a coward who is truly on his last leg. Get your money now if he owes you…Ya right. By the way, when we say “owns” Investment Properties Mexico, it is a joke. There is nothing in Houghton’s name, nothing. Every company he has set up is done so to deceive and commit fraud. Again, his name is on nothing and the company is registered as only being worth 3,000 pesos. What a crook. The Mexican Hacienda, (IRS) loves the fact that he and his architect are driving new trucks, paying $5,000 a month rent, but the company only paying taxes as if it were only worth 3,000 pesos. | Javier was set to admit that he was involved in a frame and cover up paid by Richard Houghton. One of the other people that Houghton coerced into false testimony also cracked and said that Richard Houghton, owner of Investment Properties Mexico, forced him to make a false testimony. When Javier Camou was shown the proof, he too said he wanted to set the record straight. Javierís testimony would have sent Richard Houghton to jail for false accusation. | There is no question that NSpie Assets is morally deficient and those crooks choose profit over associating with known criminals. Be careful!


  • Name: NSpire Assets, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Fort Worth
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.nspireassets.com/

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