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Complaint: I took my car to have the wheels rotated and balanced. The technician could not balance the tires because they were out-of-round. I observed the condition of two tires when placed on a spin balance machine. They were very obviously out-of-round. The tire mileage was about 28000 miles for tires warranted for 70000 miles. When I took the car back to the Ntb store in Tucker the agent came out to inspect the tires. She looked at the tires and said they looked round to her. I told her that I had observed the tires on a spin machine. Then she looked at the statement I received when the tires were purchased and said they were out of warranty. I explained to her that in fact they were still in warranty by about 40000 miles. Then she said it would be about two hours before they could place my tires on a spin machine to confirm their condition. (They didn’t appear to be that busy). She gave me the phone number of another NTB store which she said was much closer to my current address. I called that store and made an appointment for them to examine the tires. At the appointed time I went to the city where she said the store was located and discovered it was in another city about 20 miles away. When I arrived at that store, the attendant told me that if I did not have written proof that the tires had been rotated every 5000 miles the warranty was of no value. The sales receipt recommends tire rotation every 6000-8000 miles for uniform wear. There is no requirement for rotation to prevent an out-of-round condition. Chuck Monroe, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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