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Complaint: I hired NU LOOK Seal Coating to put in an asphalt driveway. I specified I wanted heavy duty for large trucks to use. He recommended 4 inches of heavy binder and 2 inches of top finish. I had him do the job. He had his crew come back the next day to complete the details and they marked the driveway up badly with a skid loader doing back fill. I called the owner David and he came out to inspect the damage his crew did. He promised me to do a full seal coating as soon as the driveway set for a few months. We stayed off the driveway the recommended day to let it cool and set up. 2 days later I parked my wife’s Kia Rio in the driveway and it sunk in on all four wheels and left an impression. This continued with any vehicle. If I turned the wheels in my pickup without moving, it scrubbed a hole into the driveway 1/2 inch deep. I called Dave at Nu Look and told him all the trouble I was having. He promised to come out and check it. That was the last time he ever returned my call. Six months after having the driveway installed, I was using a compact tractor to move some shavings and the back wheels spun like I was in mud and dug down 3 inches. I had to get the pieces of asphalt and a tamp and try to repair the damage. I filled a claim with the Better Business Bureau. He didn’t even respond to them. The thing that kills me is he is now advertising an A+ rating with the BBB. I called them to see what happened to my complaint and they told me after 2 years they discard it and restore the companies rating. I have spoken to other people that told me they had the same soft material applied on their driveway. As an experiment, I went to a local Dunkin Donuts that recently opened. I pulled in on their new driveway with my pickup and sat there turning the wheels back and forth and got out to examine it. Not a mark! Apparently, if you get a good company, they can give you a quality job. I paid approximately $10,000 for my driveway and specified I wanted the top of the line, heavy duty. I got junk. Don’t you make the same mistake.

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Address: 356 George Washington Highway Smithfield, Rhode Island United States of America


Phone: 401-232-0795

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