Nucot Review


Nucot reviews: Nucot is a fake and fraud company running by one fraud family in Jeevanbhima Nagar, Bangalore. Beware of this fraud company and never ever go to this company they are fake promising people. Since 2010, they’ve been cheating fresh Engineering & IT graduates and looting money from them in the name of 100% placement by Nucot in IT field. First of all, they will call the students as they have selected for a job with handsome salary and will make them come to their institute. Then, they will start brainwashing & forcing the students to take one month training in their company and will loot the amount of almost Rs.16000 from them. Once the course got over they will give only few interviews at small companies (startups) after that they won’t pick your calls, you won’t get any response and they will change their phone numbers too. | Even they have been cheating and betraying their own Nucot employees as they will ask huge amount from them as a loan in friendly basis then they will make them fool over time and will make threat to them. All Google positive reviews are wrote by them and their family members only, even they will force students to write reviews on Google. | There is a guy named Sanoj, he is such a heartless creature, he had asked me money on a friendly basis and i gave him almost 50k it’s been 4 months still he didn’t give me one rupee also. Whenever i asked him my money he keep on telling stories only (probably lies) after seen few reviews about Nucot on n u c o t . p i s s e d c o n s u m e r . c o m, c o n s u m e r c o m p l a i n t s . c o m and c o m p l a i n t b o a r d . i n only i came know to that this f****rs (Sanoj and Sandeep) has have cheated many students and betrayed many of their own Nucot employees. | Guys from my experience If you are ready to spoil your own career, willing to waste your precious time, then Nucot is the place for you. They are good at cheating poor people, spoiling their career and laughing at their poverty. They are such a shameless, brainless and heartless creatures. | The reason why i wrote this review is, i don’t want anyone to be cheated and betrayed by this f****rs in the future.(PLEASE NEVER EVER TRUST AND BELIEVE THEIR POISONOUS WORDS…. NEVER EVER GO TO THIS FRAUD COMPANY FOR ANY INTERVIEWS).


  • Name: Nucot
  • Country: India
  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bengaluru
  • Address: N 47, 1st Floor, 9th B Main, 11 Sector 11th Cross, Jeevan Bhimanagar
  • Phone: 080 2521 7475
  • Website:

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