NW Parkway Gresham Oregon Review


I am a 75 year old widower, a disabled Vietnam veteran, and retired on a fixed income in Oregon. The Colorado Toll Road System provides a service for their customers. I am a customer and have been victimized by this system. NW Parkway Company is seriously in need of a customer relations department. They need help revising their draconian organization. nI make this report in the hope that this unfriendly and arrogant company will serve their customers more effectively in a civilized manner. My experience paying their bill has been an aberration and totally beyond the norm and custom of paying bills. I hope they will change their procedures so that others do not have to deal with such a grievous experience. nThe toll road company charged me an outrageous $30.75 for a $3.20 one exit use or 675.8 percent increase, plus $1.35 or 42.2 percent extra for so called processing and handling. This is unconscionable and usurious. I visited my son near Denver in April and May. I mistakenly got on the toll road for one exit. When I got home used the bill was there and I promptly set up a bank payment. It appears that check may have arrived past their due date. I do not know this. Then they sent me another billnwith increased fees. I wrote them a letter explaining the situation. They did not answer my letter and instead sent me another bill $30.75, 675 percent more than the toll. I paid this absurd bill to stop this crazy situation and sent another letter requesting a refund. They did not answer my letter, but sent me another bill from a lawyer in another state for $50.75 and have threatened me with a $250 charge! They have a penitentiary and punishment mentality. nNever I my life have I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with such an uncaring, unresponsive, arrogant, arbitrary company. I have occasionally experienced a reasonable late fee, but nothing as egregious, extreme, punitive and outrageous as this. It is unreasonable and should be outlawed. This is the height of bureaucratic arrogance. They apparently have no customer relations department and badly need one. nThis has been an outrageous situation. These people do not respond to reasonable letters. I should receive an explanation and appropriate refund. I eagerly urge NW Parkway to be a friendlier more courteous, reasonable and user friendly public servant.

Broomfield, Colorado United States of America


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