NY Cabinet Factory Review


On March 28, 2016, NY Cabinet Factory began renovations on my kitchen. A project that I was told would take two (2) weeks is still incomplete. Frank Burrafato, the proprietor of the aforementioned establishment, was the person I hired. Unbeknownst to me, he hired a subcontractor, who hired four other people, whom I thought were affiliated with NY Cabinet Factory. I was without a kitchen for five weeks, and therefore was forced to purchase three meals a day for the duration, because I had no stove nor refrigerator. On the day the cabinets came, my front door as well as my wood floor were damaged while the furniture was being transported inside my house. In addition, I noticed that some of the cabinets had some imperfections. On the very first day, the subcontractor asked me for money to purchase the dressed lighting as well as the under cabinet lights. I tried contacting Frank, because I found this to be odd, but he was no where to be found. | The subcontractor would often be late in reporting to work, and at times would be drunk. I made several attempts to contact Frank, to no avail. I left several messages and sent e-mails, but Frank never responded. Some of the excuses I had gotten was that his son had eye surgery; therefore, Fank had to be by his side…then Frank was out of town…then he was having a colonoscopy…then he was out of town again. Recently, I hired someone else to correct the damage that was done and to complete the job. The cabinets have to be taken down and remounted, because there are gaps that seem to be getting wider above the kitchen sink instead of using the appropriate screws to mount the wood panels below the crown moldings, staples were used. As a result, several marks are left on them which have to be painted. I now have a mice infestation because holes were left in the wall behind the stove and beneath the kitchen sink. The electrical equipment were faulty; therefore, they had to be disconnected and replaced. Raw wires were visible and hanging from the ceiling and one of the kitchen walls up until May. I had to pay an electrition to resolve those issues. To add insult to injury, Frank pulled a bait n switch. I asked about 0% financing and was told that I could get a few months. When asked if they didn’t have a better deal, I was told that it would depend on my credit score. After running my credit, Frank told me that I was approved for 0% APR FOR 24 months. It was just brought to my attention that if the balance of $11,000.00 is not paid by April of this year, I will have to pay 29% interest accrued since March of 2016. It is grossly unfair for me to be paying for services that were not properly rendered, and a job that is incomplete…but it is even worse that this bait-n-switch was pulled, which forces me to pay this obscenely high interest rate. I contacted the bank, who told me that Frank is the only one who could make changes to the payment plan. I contacted him by phone as well as via e-mail last week. True to form, he was not available and there was no response to my e-mail.


  • Name: NY Cabinet Factory
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: 6901 14th Factory
  • Phone: 718-256-6541
  • Website: www.nycabinets.com/

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