Oaklake Trails Naturist Resort Lawton Oklahoma Review


I visited Oaklake Trails during the spring and enjoyed it very much at first. I was later asked if I’d like to be a part of the Camp Workers Program. I said sure that sounds great! The Camp Workers Program is basically a program that allows a camper to work for his stay or room and board there. I could work there during the summer and then go back to school during the fall.. Sounds like fun! So I began working there and things were going okay at first. I did a lot of work trimming trees, mowing grass, cleaning restrooms, sweeping floors etc. Then on the weekends I could relax and join in the fun of partying with other members. It was made clear to me by one of the members that young adults weren’t welcome there. So I kept to myself. Later another student about my age showed up and he also became a camp worker. We would work together during the day and would get together with other members and party on the weekends. I usually kept to myself, but the other camp worker was told he wasn’t welcome there right away. So he began keeping to himself also. We wanted to stay there because we enjoyed the lifestyle, but we kept getting called names and slandered while we were there, regardless of how much work we did or the quality of work. The slandering and name calling just got worse and worse, but we tried to ignore it, and tried to stay away from other members there. The members were mostly older couples in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s who were drunk most of the time. I loved the lifestyle so much and tried to win the members over but it wasn’t working. Eventually the slander and defamation got to the point that the other camp worker was removed from the resort. It was sad, because he really wasn’t that bad of a guy. He was just slandered so badly that he got himself drunk and began cussing people out for slandering him. I was hanging around with a visitor couple when he got himself drunk, so I wasn’t for sure what was going on when he was being escorted out of the resort by the police. It was like he was set up, but I didn’t say anything about it.n nLater I would fall victim to the gossip and lies. But before I did, I was asked to sign a paper saying that I would not reveal any activities that went on there, or a list of names. This contract was so vague that it didn’t specify what a list of names meant. Did it mean a list of names from the resort, or a list of names just random? I wasn’t for sure. I felt that there may be some gossiping and slander going around about me, so I kept to myself and didn’t really go around anyone after the other young adult camp worker was told to leave. I worked during the day and at night I would sometimes visit other members, but kept my distance. One night I was asked to perform a sex act with an older male member there, but I refused. He began touching me and I backed away from him and went back to my camper trailer. I was also asked to m********e with another member, but I refused. I think these were all ways to set me up, and get me kicked out. nA couple of days later, I was asked to leave. The reason? because I made an unwanted sexual advance to a guy. The sexual advances toward me somehow got twisted and turned around. By that time I was angry and upset about what was being said about me, that I was gay, and that I was there for sex. None of which were true. I never had sex when I was there. I did hang around with a couple of women there, but I didn’t have sex with them. We came close one evening, but then I backed off, because I thought I was being set up. It turned out I may have been right. nI was told that I had to leave the property within ten minutes. Well that was impossible to do because I had a camper trailer. I couldn’t move it with my car. I was told that they would give me 30 minutes. Well again that’s still impossible to do. I left and found someone to move the camper trailer off the grounds. I paid the mover $400.00 to have it moved to a camp ground in Oklahoma City. From there I had to make a phone call to someone else to come and pick up the trailer and move it again. I spent about $700.00 just moving the camper trailer! nWhen I got back home, I was so angry about what happened that I called the Creek County Sheriff’s Office and filed a complaint about being touched unwantedly and the sexual advances made towards me. I was told that the matter would be turned over to the Sex Crimes Division. About a couple of weeks later, I began getting harassing phone calls and noticed I was being followed. The person in the vehicle who was following me looked familiar, but I couldn’t tell who it was for sure. The stalking and slander has continued to this day. I don’t know why they’re following me or who it is, but I felt I needed to say something about it on-line to have something recorded in case this turns into an investigation. nA few names might be helpful though. Gary Spangler is the president of the resort and was in the Air Force. Jim Bishop was the youth director there. I don’t know for sure if he’s involved in any of this or not. Dennis Duncan lived on the camp grounds there and worked in the main office. Tom Darl was the camp ground manager there. Rick L. was one of the owners I think. He did a lot of grounds work and construction work there. Ray Mc? and Diana. They were also owners of the resort and kept up the grounds there. nI don’t want this to turn into an investigation, but if it does I hope this information helps!

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