occidental vacation club in Playa del Carmen New York (NY) New York


Complaint: total scam after reading the contract it does not state what sales person claim. He does highlight the rates on low and high season and they do show you in contract but they don’t explain to you how the additional options of vacationing in other countries is a promotional incentive. Whole reason the club sounded great was to save on European vacations after reading contract it states their affiliate company for Europe (ICE) is only for 2 years. Mind you he stated this offer was for 25 years you can travel any where in the world. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world with their kids and have the luxuries of home. This is how they get you. The contract also state no guarantee of your “purchased suite”” if hotel is booked on selected week you will get a regular room. According to the sales person the unit we were purchasing is ours no one will use it. Only our friends and family if we give them our weeks. Oh and here is the good part he kept saying if your late with monthly payment you will have a late charge which is understandable all creditors do that but what they don’t tell you when you are signing unless you really understand legal language

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Address: which we all know is confusing. Is that you signed stating they can auto take payments from your account. I never agreed to that. Once I back home to review contract and see this club was (1) More expensive to use and maintain than just finding a deal on Expedia

Website: as the consumer it is my right to cancel if after review it does not benefit me I am allowed to cancel. Contract stated if buyer cancels with 5 business days no penalty and full refund. He then started to state I will be penalized for the incentives given. I don’t know about you but incentives are gifts and In contract states on paper within 5 day cancellation no penalties are given

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