Oceanfront Realty International, Inc. Review


Donna Apisa is the owner of Oceanfront realty int inc, Based in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii. | We approached Donna to be the rental Management agency for our property in Princeville. | Oceanfront charges a fee to manage the property. We were fine until we spoke to the tenants who said they were paying almost 25% more in rent than we agreed for Oceanfront to collect. | This was over a 4year period of which the total came close to 25,000 dollars. | When we confronted Donna she played stupid to the situation. Not only was her company skimming but shes been collecting rent for us and doing our management for all of our affairs while being a complete liar. | Not only does this discredit her company but what shes been doing is obviously illegal. how many other people are paying high rents only to find out that Oceanfront realty is adding there own fee on top of the percentage they already take from property owners. | we had to let our tenants live in our place for almost 2 years free. | Since there was no way to prove this embezalment we could not sue. | We did report this problem to the authourities. | What a total scam company. | This is a warning to property owners on Kauai, find a different managment company.


  • Name: Oceanfront Realty International, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Hawaii
  • City: Princeville
  • Address: Princeville Center G-205 5-4280 Kuhio Highway
  • Phone: 808-826-6585
  • Website: www.oceanfrontrealty.com/

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