OCWEN Woodland Hills California Review


We’ve purchased our home back in 2004 with a downpayment of $90K and remodeling price of $120K. Right there we’ve spent $210 K . Monthly payments were $4000, we’ve complaint and they’ve modified us now paying $3400, wich is still A LOT!!. In 2009 we’ve both our jobs because the company that we’ve had worked for closed their doors. Now unemployed and begging OCWEN for a modification. It was difficult to find jobs and the ressure form OCWEN made us sell everything valuable that we had and also borrow money from friends, and opened a Minimarket 3 blocks away from the house. We kept on begging OCWEN to modified our loan because we couldnt make those payments. They denied it. At the end of the store tax year we’ve presented OCWEN with loan modification papers and documents (profit and loss of business, etc). They denied it AGAIN!. Desperate now Not knowing what else to do, we’ve hired a loan modification company to do it for us. Working 15 hours at the market we didn’t double check the legitimacy of that business and we were foreclosed on our home. On August 6th 2012 the Sheriff Dept. came to our door to escort us out. I just had a baby a month before, so there we were with our new born going to a hotel room. I am having trouble writing this because is living the moment again. It was the sadest moment of our lives. We’ve lost everything, even our 3 rescued doggies. It was devastating. Today I am alone, a single mom renting a room with a bathroom. HOW DID THIS HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE… STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! ALL OUR SAVINGS, RETIREMENT, COLLEGE FUND FOR OUR BABY GONE! AND WE DON’T HAVE OUR HOME!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY KIND OF LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY, THEY SHOWED NOT REMORSE WHATSOEVER FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO US. SOMEBODY HAS TO STOP THEM. WE NEED JUSTICE.




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