OCWholesalers.com Review


Ginger Macias/Ginger Macias Hernandez/ www.Ocwholesalers.com is a complete fraud she took my money from her website and I even took a class with her and Matt Skinner on real estate investing and none of the tactics they taught on real estate worked it was fake. Ginger also claimed she could help me sell my potential real estate deals to her 1,000 buyers she claimed she had but she lied about that as well. Matt was also lieing about short sale techniques and everything he taught was a scam and illegal. I am going to the State and pressing charges these people are taking people’s money like myself who work so hard and they are teaching false and illegal techniques. These scam artists have been at work for years taking people’s money and not teaching real information that can be used and or legal. Run as fast as you can from these people I have not met any of her successful students at all. All the former students I have talked to from Ginger and Matt have not closed any deals and they also got scammed and money stolen.


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