Offer A Place to Buy Sell Swap and Trade Houston Texas Review


There is a website called !Offer A place to buy sell and swap inside this internet sales group there are companies that sell from overseas for example China. In June I bought some merchandise from Qinglime and recieved a tracking number so I checked it and everything went well. I recieved my merchandise in 30 days from China. In July I placed another order with Qinglime and ordered the same merchandise then she provided a tracking number. I waited a whole month and contacted her and she told me do not worry your merchandise has been sent. I then proceeded to check the tracking number and there was no information found in regards to any merchandise being shipped to my residence. I contacted her again and advised her about this and then she gave me the old tracking number form the previous purchase. I told her she never sent the merchandise and also reported it to Offer. Offer advised me that they could not do nothing about the refund it was between me and the seller. Internet buyers please be aware of this please do not shop here or you might loose your money

Houston, Texas United States of America


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