Office Max, MAXASSURANCE GE Warranty contract and Brother Tempe Arizona Review


Hello fellow drummers and friends nPlease pass this alone to people in your e-mail list and friends hopefully it may reach Office Max, GE Warranty Management, Inc. and Brother International Corporate Headquarters and these Company take heed to the power of consumers who have patronized or used their products. nLast year (2000), I opened a small business and went to the Office Max, in my area and purchased about 1050.00 worth of office equipment. A fax machine, computer work station and chairs. nIn addition to the purchase price I paid extra for their MAXASSURANCE Warranty contract that is administered through GE Management, Inc. July of this year (2001) I began to experience a minor problem with my fax machine which by the way is a Brother MFC7150, so I call up Office Max and explained to them the problem I’m experiencing with this machine I was told since my purchase was over a year old I needed to contact GE Warranty. So I did, as was told, what a mistake all I got from GE Warranty was the run around after spending 45 min on the phone with their customer service I was told to call the manufactuad to pay extra for this to now! So, I tried the other day to get them to honor this contract and wouldn’t you know it, I got the same answer as before. However, this time I refuse to be duped again by these two company, this is why I am sending you this e-mail and ask that you send it to as many consumers as you can. Together we can make a difference if anyone else out their has experienced the same problem with either of these two companies as I have please e-mail me back at [email protected] with your opinion. nPeace nCochise Potts Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Office Max

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