Offshore Companies International Limited Review


I want to warn people, who are considering to set up an offshore company or foundation, that Offshore Companies International Ltd. Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132Nathan Rd, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hongkong, T: +852 3069 162, E:[email protected], is not as good as it looks on their website. After the first good impression it gives that is pretty much all good you’ll get from them. | Patrick J. Flynn LL.B Solicitor and Attorney at Law, Head Consultant and the owner of the business (Pat), replies to your inquiries giving you a lot of information about the packages quickly, then Skype conversations are included in the fix to clear your questions and concepts about the formation. Soon Pat will push you into making a decision with an email with a Subject line: “Moving Forward” and if he feels that he has given you enough free information he would ask you for a deposit so he can keep advising you, which is fair enough. Then at some point his wife Alexandra Kment, Client Services Manager (both have different titles on their website), comes into the conversation clearly not informed about much of what was said during the conversation with Pat. | However, the worst part is not that they seem to lack communication between themselves, nor even the fact that they misplace your personal information, which in my case was the first reason to delay the registration (if they have ever had the intention to do it), which should have come out in two weeks. I have sent them the required personal information and the money on 6th January 2016 and until today, 21 February – the date I post this Fraud Report – they have not registered my foundation. | Bells started to ring even louder when they failed to reply to my request for information about the state of my foundation’s registration sent on 2 Feb. 2016. An email from them came on the 10th Feb 2016 though, but to another email I sent them that same day with a Subject line: “Permission to Give Your Email Address to a Friend”. Of course, Pat allowed me to refer him to my friend sending me a brief reassurance that my registration will be out in 2-3 days. However, 9 days later nobody mentions anything about it so I send another email this time telling them how unhappy I was with their service and that I have no trust left in them, and informing them that I’ll file a Fraud Report on a number of websites on 20 February 2016. The following day Alexandra Kment emails me to say that they need additional, unspecified number of days on top of the 19 days of silence, that still goes on to this moment, to solve an issue with my form. | I kindly asked for the correspondence with the compliance offices as a prove that they are actually in a process of registering my foundation, my money back or I’ll take their silence as a permission to file this Fraud Report. And since you are reading it now you know that there was a complete silence again, no correspondence with the compliance offices was forwarded to me and of course no refund was made… | There must be companies out there that run their businesses honestly to a high business standard, but is not it.


  • Name: Offshore Companies International Limited
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • State:
  • City: Kowloon
  • Address: Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui,
  • Phone: 8523069162
  • Website:

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