Old man’s tree owosso michigan Mason Michigan Review


William pattengill of the company old man’s tree responded to a job I had on craigslist to dig a 40 foot trench. He told me it was $200 to use the digger for 24 hours so we would be able to dig it. He went and dug a hole by my home and said this digger is due back at 4 pm. I said what about my trench? He said I can’t dig it and will be back tomm to fill in the hole. He then messages me in the night saying he wants the full amount of the 40 foot trench before he will fill in the hole ior he is having his friend with the health department shut condemn my home. Sure enough just before Xmas he called them on my family and brags about it in emails to me. I left a bad review on yellow pages.com or yp and he came on there with two fake ids with good reviews to cover mine then responds to my comment at the same time like people are stupid and can’t tell he just wrote them two fake reviews with the same dates as his response. So beware and watch out for William pattengill.

213 s. Lansing street Owosso, Michigan USA


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