Olesya Stryzhak – Fremont, California California


Ukrainian Snaggletoothed Olesya Stryzhak loves older men. She comes from a broken home with daddy issues. She has bad Ukrainian teeth, which look like fangs, so don’t let this homewrecker around your husband or boyfriend, she may want to sink her teeth into him and never let go. She was 26 when she started her relationship 46 year old Saul Lewis. She was married at the time with a 1 year old baby (and still breastfeeding), and he was married with 3 kids. They met at work, and worked together. They snuck away for lunches together and he IM’d her in Italian (WTF – he took that back in High School and never spoke a word of Italian to his wife) calling her “Bella” and “Mi Amore”. Her husband found these texts in July of 2015 and kicked her out of the house. Saul’s wife only found out about them a year later in May of 2015. Saul’s wife had hunches that she was pursuing her husband because Olesya texted a picture of her daughter on Halloween in 2015, then he had to spend the day in the Oracle Photo Studio with her on a Saturday while she used the studio for her personal photography project. He said she didn’t have the right badge to get in on the weekend. Then in March his kids switched the setting on the family iPad, which was connected to his texting account, and a text from him to her came through and his 10 year olds saw it. He texted a selfie of her from work with heart emoticons which he then lied about. He only admitted their relationship in May and then his wife filed for divorce. This was after he hit her twice and shoved her into a glass window. He then told Olesya it was OK for her to text him on the weekend, so his wife was able to see her texts about selfies they took on their team offsite to the SFMOMA and how “delighted” the team would be to see their pictures. He then changed Olesya’s name in his phone to Sarah so that she could continue, and the next weekend she texted him about being in bed and he responded with things like “mmmm” and “my favorite position”. She is an unscrupulous twat. She lied to her husband about being with Saul for a year so that it wouldn’t be a factor in their divorce and child custody arrangement. She also lied to Saul about seeing other people while they were together (and he was still married and living with his unknowing wife) to make him jealous and drive him crazy. She’s a status climber and gold-digger and can’t be trusted.

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